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How Do I Choose a Towel Warmer?

Why towel warmer are so popular in US, UK and other countries. People may think that towel warmer is invented only to heat up towels. This is true, but not true for all. People use it for various purposes. They not only use it to dry hand-washable clothes and delicate garments but also winter coats, mittens and scarf.

Winter especially, unbelievable good when you wrap a warm and cozy heated towel warmer after getting out of a shower. Luxury spa like experience warms you both physically and psychologically, exhaustion just gone and you get rejuvenated again.

towel warmer for you in winter

Standing in front of numerous choices in this market, vary in design--wall-mounted or free standing; or in capacity, 20L or more or less; or different timer setting etc, what should you pay attention to when pick yourself a best towel warmer.

  1. Type of Towel Warmer: There are two main types of towel warmers: towel warmer bucket and towel warmer rack. Towel warmer rack needs to be installed, generally in an easy way, just a few steps needed to assemble an electric towel rack, and versatile to use at home and bathroom.  Another choice towel warmer bucket arrives in complete unit without extra effort to assemble. Move it wherever your want it to go, but advised not to place it in damp area to have longer life span.
  1. Size and Capacity: This should be heavily considered depending on your own demand. Make sure that it's large enough to house the number of towelsand blankets you want to Generally speaking, smaller units are suitable for individual bathrooms, like 10L Live Fine Towel Warmer, while larger ones work well for families, like Rilextec towel warmer, keenray, they all feature 20L capacity, but if you desire to have a larger one, say--40L, I know at present most available in 20L, you may consider--Live Fine oversized 40L towel warmer.
    enjoy a warm shower with towel warmer
  1. Mounting Options: Towel warmers either can be wall-mounted or freestanding. Wall-mounted models are spacesaving and typically more securer; on the contrary, freestanding ones give you flexibility. You can let it go wherever you want it to.
  1. Timer and LED: More and more towel warmers carries LED screen feature displaying instant temperature of the surface of it, which is quite helpful, avoiding heat hurt from it. As I have immersed in this market for sometime, I gradually known that 3 timers of setting is basic, upgraded ones may have 4 timers, heating time starting from 15m to 60m.
  1. Color: Towel warmers are available in various color choice, mainly in pure white, snow white, or white body with wooden lid, other like black, pink or gray etc. Pick the color mostly match your bathroom style.  
  1. Safety Lock: If you have little baby girls or boys, it’s advised to pick a towel warmer with safety lock, preventing your little babies from clicking it open and hurting themselves.
  1. Brand and Warranty: Opt for a well known brand that stands for quality, product performance, more importantly, after-sale customer service and warranty. Most popular brands like keenray, live fine, rilextec they have been in this industry for sometime and have gained their reputation from buyers. They’re worth of trust.
  1. Budget: That seems the most important when comes to choose a towel warmer, because prices vary, starting from $70 soaring to a few hundred dollars. Set a budget based on your preferences and needs, then narrow your range to locate the most suitable one. As it is after Christmas and New Year holiday--hottest shopping season, quite a few products offer discounts. If you need a towel warmer, don’t miss this golden timing to have a one with more reasonable price.

Combining those factors into consideration, you can make a best choice to pick a warm and  cozy towel warmer but also enhances the overall functionality and aesthetics of your bathroom.


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